Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weekly Wishes

Hello again and a Glorious Wednesday to you all!

 I’m joining up again with Melyssa at the Nectar Collective and a whole bunch of other bloggers today who are writing about a goal or challenge (or several) that they’re hoping to accomplish this week/month/year/decade/millennia/etc.  I had a lot of fun last week looking at other blogs to see what they were up to, and I’m excited to link up again this week!
Here we goooo….
The Nectar Collective
This is what happened with my goals from last week: I DID exercise 3x last week (woo-hoo!), though the last one was a bit unstructured.  I ran 20 minutes and did some core work, did Yoga and some meditation, and had an impromptu Dance Party (the best kind, believe you me) with the Sheebster (who went berserk).  Exercising 3x/week is part of my 25 before 25 goals as well, so I’m hoping to keep that going.  Secundo, I pulled my project together and launched it this week, and I’m really looking forward to working on it and watching it unfold!  Lastly…I didn’t get the pictures ordered.  womp womp.  I wasn’t sure which ones I wanted to pick (I tend to pick out the ones I want on different days, and then never actually put them together?) and so I didn’t want to just arbitrarily order them.  Also, does anyone else have frame anxiety??  No? Ok, just me.
Here’s what I’m looking towards this week:
  • Sending out the rest of my holiday cards.
    •  I had some ordered from Minted which look super, sent a bunch out, and now the only hurdle is getting addresses on the rest of them and…finding a post office/someplace I can put postage on them and send them on their merry way.  This is a bigger challenge than you might suppose, as I have yet to see an actual Post Office in Dallas.  Anywhere.  There are Postal Centers, unaffiliated with the USPS, but I don’t know what you can do in them.  Some of these are going overseas, so I don’t want to get the wrong postage on them.
  • Getting to bed – in bed – ready to sleep – by 10:00-10:15pm.  This is a big one for me.
    • This is a holdout against adulthood.  I knoooow it makes me feel better.  I knoooow it helps me stay healthy and sane.  I knoooow I really should do this.  And yet.  And yet! Doesn’t happen.  Like, 95% of the time.   I am hoping that if I get into the habit of it maybe it won’t seem like such a terrible, horrible, no-good, bo-ho-ho-ring thing to do.  Fingers crossed.
  • Figuring out the settings on my sewing machine and practicing sewing straight lines.
    • According to Amazon, my sewing machine (!!) is set to arrive in the mail today (!!).  I have wanted a sewing machine for a long while now, and a couple of weeks ago I finally did it, after a machine I’d been looking at (checking out reviews obsessively, comparing prices and use) went on sale.  I am hoping it does arrive today and that I’ll be able to get started this week without impaling anything/one.
And in other news, unrelated to Weekly Wishes (feel free to skip if you're only interested in WW today), I am a sponsor with SOS Children’s Villages, an organization that works to provide stable, safe, and loving families, long-term, for orphaned and abandoned children all over the world (including in the United States). 
It has been a rewarding and a genuinely lovely experience for me, and all of my experiences with the organization have been pleasant.  Education and a healthy, stable familial relationship are two issues that are very close to my heart, and I believe they are central to helping children succeed.
They are looking for sponsors for 26 children in Peru. 
Maybe think about it? If you have any questions, feel free to email away or check them out here.
SOS didn’t ask me to write this, nor are they compensating me.  I just think they’re great, and that kids deserve a safe place to be silly and ask big questions.
Off my soap box.
Have a great day!

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  1. I'm so glad I have found your blog! I'm a native Dallas Texan and now living in New York! Where are you from originally?
    Good luck with your sewing machine this week! I'm hoping to get a new one soon!


    1. That's so funny! I'm from just outside of NYC. Eat a slice of pizza for me, ok?! haha, I miss New York Pizza! Thanks for the good wishes, and good luck in NY :)