Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Hello! How's your week been?
Linking up with Jen :)

  1. This is maybe old news, but this recipe for Banana-Nutella-Pistachio Popsicles from Smitten  Kitchen is basically my dream come true.  It looks so easy and perfect for the summer (especially here in TX, where it is a bajillion degrees out by the time the sun comes up), not to mention duh-lish. She's been posting different popsicle recipes for several days now - go check them out! Now I've just got to find some popsicle molds...and maybe, you know, a blender.
  2. This article by Costica Bradatan in the New York Times on the "Opinionator" Blog, about learning and writing in a foreign language, so aptly captures what it is I love about language - and what is so challenging and frustrating about it as well.
  3. It seems like the new BBC America show "Broadchurch" has been all over the newswaves recently(or maybe I spend too much time on  Much like my mom and sister, I love a good mystery series, and now that Inspector Lewis is over (sob), I may check this out.  Eight episodes of grief and angst?? Check.
  4. Having read "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg, been a Girl Scout and gone to a women's college, I really enjoyed this article on NPR about the recent rise in female COOs - and then stumbled onto this company, called The Muse, a career platform focused on professional women.  The interview with one of the founders on was also a good read.
  5. Grace over at Camp Patton posted about searching for a good mascara, and on a similar (and incredibly deep)(not) note, I may have been converted from my green-top-pink-tube Maybelline ways to BeneFit's "They're Real!" mascara.  It could be the small sample-size tube that fits in the smallest of pockets, or the spikey blaster-wand, but I'm liking it.  Every time I wear it I think, "Yes! Very nice."  We'll see if this lasts once I run out of it and am loathe to spend twenty-three bucks on mascara.
  6. I've been enjoying the Mishnah Yomit from CY I get in my email every day, especially recently, since it's been about offerings that used to be brought to the Temple in Jerusalem - the kinds of birds, fruits and so on, the types and decorations on the baskets, how they would hold the baskets, who would come when, what they would say - the whole ceremony of it has been fun to discover.
  7. Sheba continues in her quest to wake me in the wee hours of the morning.  This week she's been removing the caps from the something on the side of the toilet and swatting them back and forth across the floor, bouncing them off of the walls, mewing, bringing them to me and biting my has been a true pleasure to live with her.
And that's all! Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are.

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