Monday, August 5, 2013

Sheba the Diva, Fire Ants, and other Tales of living in TX

Well, this weekend was a doozy.

I took Sheba to the vet and found out that she probably has feline herpes.  That is a thing.

Poor cute-face.  It kind of makes me laugh, if I’m being totally honest.  She had been sneezing and snoring and it turns out that cats can get colds, and feline herpes usually causes it.

Please, throw your best lectures about cat promiscuity at me.

She’s four months old, for crying out loud! Oh man.  The vet said she probably got it from another cat at the shelter.  It basically only causes flare-ups (am I really saying this) when she’s under stress, like when I take her to the vet or move or, you know, do stressful stuff.  So she’s got some antibiotics to clear up her cold and other than that, she’s good to go!

Cat herpes.  Good God, man, what next?!

I got bitten by fire ants.  Oh, yes.  Yes indeed.  One of the best things about Texas, in case you are thinking of visiting this great land, is the bug situation.  Oh, the size of the mosquito bites, my friends.  I don’t even want to go there.

So after talking to my mom about the spectacularly swollen, red and deeply, profoundly itchy (aren’t you glad you’re reading this post?) situation that had been my left foot for the past three days and the dangers of infection, gangrene, meningitis and possible amputation (I come from a long line of rational thinkers) I decided to go to the Urgent Care Center, or, as I like to call it, The Place Where Money Goes to Die.

Moving on. 

I had a good time watching some HGTV Home Crashers on the TV while I waited, and prayed that the enthusiastic home remodeling would drown out the couple next to me talking about their infected cyst.

An hour later, I had a prescription for an antibiotic and instructions to stay off all grass everywhere, and Sheba the Queen of the Herpes and I sat down to watch some New Girl and North & South and wait for our medicines to kick in.  We really went to town on it.  (The snuggles were pretty good, though, and both patients feel better).

How was your weekend?
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