Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

Some of the same: I'm still reading Someone, by Alice McDermott, and still loving the language and the word choice and the whole thing.  Just got to Part II - so many things swirling in my brain.  It's a good read for my cold, quiet early mornings, that's for sure.

Some new things: I decided to finally join a book club, for the first time (I think?) in my life.  It looks like a "serious" book club, and the February book is Red Sorghum by Mo Yan.  I had heard of Mo Yan a few months ago, when I saw one of his books in a bookstore, and am glad I have a chance to read his writing.  It looks very intense, and I read a review that called it "graphic" and "brutal." Wish me luck.  In other news, I was out to dinner last week and saw The Selected Poetry of Yehuda Amichai, translated by Chana Bloch and Stephen Mitchell, and immediately grabbed it up, on impulse.  I've gone through Amichai's Open Closed Open so many times, cover to cover, and am finding this one just as wonderful.  I love his bringing together of the day-to-day and the biblical.  Translating poetry: probably one of the most difficult things.  Well done, Chana Bloch and Stephen Mitchell.  I'll leave you with a verse from one of his poems:

A girl who has washed her hair/asks the hard world, as if it were Samson,/where it is weak, what is its secret.
What are you reading this week?

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