Thursday, February 19, 2015

Books for a Snowy Day

I was recently in Boston for a visit while the snow-to-end-all-snows was (is!) happening.  While I spent most of my time traveling and trudging through snow banks, I also did a lot of reading, inside the airport and out. 

It's been a long time since I've spent a day snuggled inside from the cold, just sitting and waiting with time to spare, so I thought about the books that are the best (for me, at least!) to have on hand - you know, the next time a snowstorm comes or you're stuck waiting for a bus/train/airplane.

From Left to Right:

1. Two parallel stories of childhood, survival, myth, and curiosity during wartime.  Exquisite descriptions and a suspenseful, page-turner of a plot meant I was reading this one during landing turbulence (and that's saying something!)

2. If you're looking for keen, photographic descriptions of ordinary life (and a peek into Russia), check out Chekhov's short stories - long enough to delve deep into human issues and really make you think, short enough to read while trying to tune out a screaming baby and people smashing into you with their luggage.

3. Lovely, light, melt-in-your-mouth descriptions of food and France PLUS a story about family, sisters, and what it means to uncover secrets you think you know (but really don't).

4. Is there anything not to love about Colette? Badass, controversial, daring.  My favorite in college was Les Vrilles de la Vigne, but any of her stories fit the bill for when you want a beautiful, feminist, slightly risque read.

Any one of these three series is guaranteed to make the next "hour delay that turned into a three hour delay" announcement go by fast. 

1. Diana Wynne Jones was a discovery of mine in middle school, but she is still fabulous to read as an adult.  Tongue-in-cheek but never cynical, and light enough to read as an escape.

2. The fifth book in the Harry Potter series is both long and one of my all-time favorites.  If you're feeling the travel rage and angst, this is one I'd grab and disappear into.

3. Do I even need to say anything?! Time travel, rich character development, history, sweeping Scottish romance...another big book and a great series.  Plus, when you make it to your hotel/friend's couch and crash, you can check out the tv adaptation for a re-cap.

Non-fiction and mysteries coming up next week...What do you read when you travel?


  1. These are great suggestions! I've had Peaches for Father Francis on my TBR for a long time.

    What I read when I travel...hmmm. Usually, I hit up the airport bookstore and buy one of the latest-craze bestsellers in paperback. I feel like it's a fun vacation splurge for me, since I usually try to be patient and wait for things to come available at the library! :)

    1. I always go to the Hudson News to check out the books, haha! As soon as I get through security and find my gate - and I am all for vacation splurges, too (I go for their thrillers).

      Peaches for Father Francis is a really fun one, too!