Tuesday, July 29, 2014

one year out

I realized today that it's been just over a year since I started writing here.  I'd made it a goal to read twenty-five books by the time I turned twenty-five, and what started out as a mostly boring lifestyle blog bumped and stuttered and started into a book blog.  So, in honor of finding my way here, I'm including covers of all of the books (minus the Harry Potter series) that I've read so far.  Were all of them tremendous works of literature? No.  Some could be called fluff.  But no matter where I've been this year they've kept me company, taken me far away, and left me better than I started.  Thanks to you as well, wherever you are, for coming along for the ride.  

Here's to another year of reading and blogging!

some stats for the road:

27 books.
12 written by women.
6 mysteries.
11with women as protagonists.
2 audiobooks.
11 took place in foreign countries.
14 came from the public library.

Did you have any reading goals this year? If you took stock of what you've read, would anything surprise you?

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