Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Well hello.
Nothing too exciting to post about today, except that this is what my life looks like right now:

Every day we go through the same routine.  After I get home and Sheba's gotten her tummy rubbed and little kitten head kissed and we've bonded over putting my shoes away, she sits on my lap very nicely and gets petted while I do whatever it is I do - put away my stuff/check email/talk on the phone.

Afterwards, this is our conversation:

Me: Hey Sheebs, want to sit on the chair and snuggle?


Me: Come, let's snuggle.


Me: Ok, let's don't snuggle.  I'll check my mail.

Sheba: (vicious assault on my feet with her teeth)

Me: Sheba! No.

Fast forward ten minutes.

Me: (feet tucked underneath me, blanket over my body, having pulled Sheba off my feet seventeen times and tried, valiantly, to play with her toys) THIS IS YOUR LIFE - THESE ARE YOUR CHOICES.

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