Tuesday, September 17, 2013

good morning!

This week sure has flown by, hasn't it? I feel like it's already Thursday.  Sheba's chomping away at her breakfast of kibble champions and I am waiting for my tea to steep, and here we are!

You look like you could use some pictures. 
It's been a mish-mosh of life experiences this weekend/beginning of the week, filled with Sheba snuggles, chats with family, improv games involving clapping while moving around (FINALLY the skills I learned in elementary school coming in handy) and making new friends.  For those of you who fasted this weekend, I hope you had a meaningful one.  For those of you not interested in fasting, here are some super things that have been floating around the internets:

This article on bugs - SO COOL.  Even if you don't like bugs, read it.

A Tegan and Sara video I stumbled upon which reminds me of, oh, all of my experiences traveling abroad (why doesn't traveling have two l's?)

This guy who tried to cross the Atlantic with helium balloons - what?! Dream big.

An article by one of my old advisers fitting for this (Jewish) holiday season.

I am loving this show from Denmark.  It's definitely giving me my travel fix, sort of.

For those of you who say Philosophy is dull and passionless, I present to you this.

Aaand, since you asked nicely, here's another one of Sheba:

Have a great Tuesday :)

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