Tuesday, September 10, 2013

6-word story

Good morning! I am woefully (woefully) behind on bloglovin blogs - it seems like there are 700,000 posts that keep updating.  Lots to do, lots to read, exciting!  But I digress.  Today I want to talk about those 6-word memoirs that have been going around for a while, which are lovely.  I like the fact that they convey so much in so few words, and that you can come up with so many. 

My favorite is seeing all of the shared memoirs from different people, which NPR did a while ago.

To add some spice, coming along are 6-word summaries of things I've seen during the day.  You know, to mix things up and so on.  Here's mine, something I saw on the way to work this morning:

Four basset hounds wobbling while walking.
(I also saw some swans, too, living near people and animals is awe-some.)
What's yours?
**P.S. - Thanks for your patience as the layout changes! I'm excited about the new look and hope you will be too :)

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