Monday, November 9, 2015

Bookish Things To Be Thankful For

One of the things I love the most about this season (aside from eating stuffing and stepping on crunchy leaves) is how attention is turned to being thankful.  Some of it is hokey - sales! marketing! - but on the other hand, when I've looked at lists or made my own, life does seem infinitely better.  Perspective is everything, and this year, I decided to make a list of bookish and reading-related things I'm thankful for.

Learning how to read
Coming from a family of curious, book-loving people
Book bloggers from all around the world, who post and think critically
Inter-library loan (!)
Being able to return books at any branch of my city's library
Learning new skills and facts about anything under the sun - hummingbirds, the history of tea, investing, management, dealing with difficult people
All of the library's non-book related services - job search, computer and tax classes, book groups, after-school programming, and on and on
Book covers - brown paper, stretchy, colored, hard plastic
Bookmarks - magnetic, paper stenciled, laminated with children's drawings, museum bookmarks, ones with tassels
The hush of (some) libraries as you come inside
Having a place to study, do work, and write where I don't have to spend money (like at a coffee shop)
Unbent corners of new books
Poetry - Mary Oliver, John 
Haiku collections
Local authors
Book signings
Not being yelled at for browsing without buying
The ache you get in your back from sitting on the floor of the store and reading
Losing yourself completely in a story
Roald Dahl and iconic illustrations
Almost missing your stop when you're so invested in a story/character/plot
Seeing people read anywhere, and seeing what commuters are reading
Used bookstores

Do you make lists like this? What are you thankful for?

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