Friday, March 14, 2014

review of the week

(Taking this format and concept from many, many talented ladies around the internet and claiming it for this corner of the starch as well.)
clockwise from top L: neighborhood walk//latke eating at synagogue this week//tulips on my fridge//this week in cats

to read
  • sheba is turning one this week (wha?!!), so this story seems both fitting and lovely.
  • the lovely oak and oats, where I got the first idea for this post, and where I decided to continue this blog's growing pains.
  • the expat experience of expecting one thing and getting another - I have been there many a time.
  • absolutely incredible photos from Turkey at gutenblog, y'all.
to watch
  • the voice - I am a huge sucker for the audition videos (I start, and next thing I know, days have gone by), and this one was particularly fantastic...ok, here's another.
  • this video from Jimmy Fallon.  every time I watch clips from that show, it brings a smile to my face.  this one's on photobombing unsuspecting tourists with Jon Hamm from Mad Men.  go watch it now.
to chew over
  • this article on James Kugel, a sometimes controversial Bible scholar, is worth a read - I found it really interesting. 
  • another one - an article/podcast on hasidic students who try to go to college and find the gaps in their education striking.  can't wait to see the documentary that comes out. 

How was your week? What have you been reading and watching lately?

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