Tuesday, March 18, 2014

life lessons from sheba

Hello fellow blog-readers.  What's doin'? Happy, happy Tuesday-nearly-Wednesday.  These past few months have been doozies (moving, living with family, moving again, unpacking, meeting new people).  Having Sheba around again has slid certain things in place which earlier seemed totally hard, confusing, and not at all in place.  Has anybody else had that experience before?  Sheba is mostly a zen master when it comes to life and life changes, with the exception of evenings (when she gets a big burst of IT'SBEDTIMEEEEEELET'SDOTHIS) and...when her toys get stuck.  Mornings are mostly napping time.

I've realized I have a lot to learn from the fluffster, namely:

  1. Most days, what you need in order to feel better is 1) a nap and 2) some perspective.  Ohhh how often I wish I would take this advice.  Is there really more that needs to be said?
  2. Play more. Since Sheba's been back, there have been moments when I'm either working, or cooking, or cleaning, or just-getting-back-to-that-one-last-person, when I hear a plaintive mew and feel a kitten body rub against my leg (or, ok, kitten claws that need to be trimmed piercing my skin).  When I look down, I almost always see this little pink ball that she wants me to throw around with her.  It only takes a few minutes, but watching her race after that little ball, or (my personal favorite) watching her little butt wiggle as she concentrates before pouncing, brightens my mood.
  3. Sometimes a vacuum is just a vacuum.  There are a lot of disturbing and dangerous things in this world (toxic people included), and they make a lot of noise and take up a lot of space.  In my experience, there are days when it can be very hard to keep that noise out of your face.  It takes a lot of effort every day (day after day) to keep focused on the things that are important.  Sometimes, (most times), there isn't a lot of substance behind all that noise.  It's just a vacuum.  A vacuum makes a lot of noise - but it won't kill you.  And probably won't suck your tail into its vortex...at least not forever.
 What about you? Any life lessons learned from your small(er) fur friends?

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