Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Reading


I fell off the blogging roll pretty hard there.  Like...falling off a log. Life's been very generous with me the past month (!) of radio silence here.  Below are some lovely peeks into a busy few weeks, but non-photographed highlights include: lots of good food, my first visit to California, seeing the Pacific Ocean, meals with friends, my birthday, learning to cook, hikes, sitting out on the deck, summer rain, farmers'  markets, my first ever root beer float, and the weather here finally cooling to something other than 90+ humidity.  Here's hoping the rest of the summer is full of goodness too.

But - getting back to business! Usually the only things I bring with me to read on a (shorter) flight are my Kindle and a magazine, unless there is a very compelling book I'm reading at the time.  I love a real book in my hands, but I like to travel as light as I possibly can.  This usually means I end up reading some good ole Harry P. on the plane, but I'm branching out here for the sake of blogging and my imaginary jet setting twin.  Without further ado...pretend this isn't the 70000th "Books to Read This Summer" post you've seen this week, and forgive my gentle foray back into the land of the blogging:

What about you? How have your first few weeks of summer been? Anything good on your list?

Anything you'd rip off my list and replace with something else?  Happy Friday and Happy Reading!


  1. I was recently asked to also write up a list of summer reading. I can share the list with you, but it is topped by "The Execution of Noa P. Singleton" by Elizabeth Silver.

    Also, what is "Harry P."?

    1. Yikes, that sounds intense! I'll have to check it out. Harry P is the great Harry Potter - I've got the books on my Kindle, as well as the paper kind.