Friday, January 24, 2014

happy friday!

This is what my view looks like today - lots of snow and frigid temperatures, and...beagle feet.  Tomorrow's plans include reading and taking a nap.  Anything else is strictly optional.

Here are some fantastic links floating around to take you into your weekend:

First, watch this interview with Mandy Patinkin.  It's probably the best thing you'll see all week.

Check out the tortoiseshell cat at Samantha and Courtney's blog, brightly & free.  Sheba's cousin-friend? Hmmm - yes. Yes, I think so.

I love this post about The Goldfinch by Joanna at A Cup of Jo because it sent me to so many cool book links.  Have you heard of the Underground New York Public Library?

Belinda has fantastic news on her blog, in addition to her usual Friday Starbucks selfie.  I don't actually know her in real life, but her blog is so great and never fails to make me smile.  Send some of that juju my way, Belinda!

Do you like Scandinavian crime writers? Mysteries? Check out this post by the New York Public Library that explains why so many of us race through them faster than a pack of M&M's - plus, they give some good recommendations if you're looking for a new book.

How about you - seen anything lately on the internet that's too good not to share?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Good juju is coming your way!!